Friday, April 30, 2004

I don't know how it happened, but this weekend is ON.

I'm going home this weekend. I'm taking my siblings their birthday gifts, and my brother and I talked about heading to Shreveport Saturday for some rolling-of-the-dice. So I decided to go ahead and reserve a hotel room, so that we don't have to worry about driving back home in the middle of the night after a couple cocktails and depressing defeat. I'm looking forward to it.

So I mention that I'm making this trip to a few people, and a couple of them thought it was such a good idea that they're going to join us for the festivities. What started out as my brother and I making short trip to gamble our paychecks away, has turned into a par-tay. I'm afraid the guest list might still be growing. Again, I'm looking forward to it.

Luck, be a lady tomorrow night.

Skaines has officially been added to the roster. And God said, "Let there be iMovie."

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Thursday, April 29, 2004


I hate the word, hate. When I was a little girl, growing up with a little brother, hate was a frequently used word in my vocabulary. I hated him. And I said it all the time. Each time, my mother would respond with, "Don't hate. You can say that you dislike his ways, but never say you hate him. He's the only little brother you'll ever have." Well, I knew for sure that I disliked his ways, and I knew for sure that there would be no more little brothers, but I wasn't so sure I didn't hate him. He was evil. Of course, now, I love him. And I realize that I never hated him. I'd do anything in the world for him - then and now.

I'm digressing, because this post was not intended to be about past hate, but present hate. Bottom line, there is a woman I work with who I HATE. I hate her. I hate the sight of her. I hate it when she walks into my meetings uninvited. I hate it when she talks. I hate it when she walks. She's the type who stirs shit up around the office. She knows everything, of course. She is THE resident expert on ANYTHING you're wondering about. I avoid using the restroom at work for fear that I'll be cornered by her in such a small place with nowhere to run. She makes me type in ALL CAPS WHEN INSTANT MESSAGING MY CO-WORKERS after an exchange with her. Her mere presence fills me with such negative thought and emotion that I become physically ill.

Alright. Now isn't that awful? I'm writing all of this here in hopes that it will be a release for me. I've got to let go of it, because I typically have an eerie ability to see the positive in everything. I like staying on the positive end of the spectrum, it's where I "fit in". This woman takes me so out of my element, though, that I forget what I stand for. I want to run over her with my car in the parking lot. And last time I checked, that's not good.

So here's to letting go. Cheers.

See? Now she's driving me to drink.

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Monday, April 26, 2004


My blog was just on Fox 4 News.
If only I'd written something interesting over the past few days... If only I'd been prepared. ;)

I should also add that Rob saw my picture on some technical Q&A TV show a week or so ago, when someone called in to ask how people send photos from their camera phones to their web sites. As timing might have it, textamerica's most recently published moblogs featured a mug of me on their homepage as they featured it on their show.

Craziness. Pure craziness.

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I can't wake up. I'm in a fog today.

I don't like it when people say to each other, "Hey, you." When you hear it, the person usually sounds very endearing and sweet. But the fact is, it's a very impersonal greeting. It's like something you say to someone when you can't remember his or her name. But no, people use it to be cute. And I don't like it. I don't like cute.

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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Wine, You Two-Faced Friend

I went with my cousin last night to a going away party for a very close friend/co-worker of hers. I drank more than I have in a very long time. Like, since college. Because of this, I spent this entire, beautiful, perfect-weathered Sunday suffering. Whining and complaining. When we got home last night, her house was spinning. I think it's safe to say I slept more on the bathroom floor than on her couch last night, and for someone with the bathroom issues that I've got...Well, let's just say I was very thankful that the maid was there that day. If you've got to hang your head over a toilet and sleep on a tile floor, you want to do it at her house. It's spotless. Stupid, stupid, stupid girl I am. But it really was fun. I'm glad I went.

Speaking of bathrooms, someone googled "shitting" and landed on my site. Why?

I had a great weekend. I hope you did, too.

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Friday, April 23, 2004

Take a Chance

It seems like I'm always trying to convince people to just let go and take a chance. First, I should admit that there are a few people in my life who are also having to constantly remind me to do the same, but for now, I'm talking about other people and their unwillingness to take the chance.

I'm the first to admit that I've got all kinds of rules for myself. Some of them are more like habits than rules. Others are straight up rules. Breaking these rules every now and then is the first step in letting go and taking some chances you normally would not take with your life.

So my point is...I wish people would be a little more adventurous, take more risks. I love it. It's such an attractive quality to me, those people who are risk takers. Those who will throw caution to the wind and just feel life, soak it up from every pore in his body. I like that. I do.

You just never know. You never know what you might be missing, learning, loving, experiencing, seeing, knowing...If you don't take a chance.

I'm taking more and more every day. And it feels soooooo good.

It's Friday. Let the weekend begin, my friends.

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Thursday, April 22, 2004

My Lilleth Fair

My cat is a strange breed. Literally. She acts like a dog, and to be quite honest, I think she thinks she's a dog. She's never been around other cats, but has definitely had some dogs come in and out of her life of five years. She comes when she's called. She fetches (and used to retrieve, although we've gotten out of the habit of playing that game.) She plays. She sleeps. She eats (and then wants to kiss me with her fish breath.) She bites. She snuggles. She stretches. She loves water, whether it be listening to the fountain outside, sitting next to a dripping faucet, sitting on the side of the tub while I take a bath and dipping her paw in, or knocking over any glass of water left on the counter. She vomits. A lot. But I love her.

Lately, she's just been a little too adventurous. Testing me. She loves to go out on my patio and sit in the chair outside and listen to the fountain, watch the other cats and dogs, sleep, whatever. She just likes it out there. I used to be paranoid that I needed to be out there with her, in case she decided to jump. But she's not been making any crazy moves like that, so I let her sit out there alone in the mornings and when I get home at night. Yesterday morning, as I was walking through the living room, I looked out to check on her. She was standing on the ledge, on the OTHER side of the balcony railing! Just walking around out there, on that 4-inch ledge. Walking over to the neighbor's ledge. Just hanging out. Freaking me out. Of course I yelled at her, told her to get her little hiney back on our side of the fence.

Then it happened again this morning. And she knew. She KNEW she was in trouble when I saw her. So she jumped back across quickly when she saw me coming. She jumped back across, ran inside with her cute little gait, and then rolled over on her back to show me her adorable little furry, fluffy belly. That manipulative little bitch. "Look at me! Look at me! I did something wrong, but I'm cute, cute, cute! Look at this belly!"

I hope my children aren't this adorable. They're going to get away with murder. I'm a softie. But we're about to set some ground rules for patio play. I love that damned cat.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

For my sister's THIRTY-THIRD birfday, I was going to "sing" her the "Happy Birfday" song here on the blog. But OH NO... she deserves so much more than that. She deserves something a little more personal. A tad more original. Something that speaks from the heart.

So Holly, I give you...

The Bunny Hop.

I hope you have a great birfday!

Love you

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Why am I up so early?

I have no idea. Too many things on my mind, and as soon as the alarm went off, those things consumed me.

Someone at work really pissed me off yesterday. It scares me, the vengeful thoughts I've been having. He violated my trust. And that's a no-no.

I talked to my friend Brooke last night, who I haven't talked to in a couple of years. We talked for hours and was so good to get caught up on each other's lives. She's a riot. I must go see her soon.

Hey, did everyone know that the season has opened at Lone Star Park? Somebody stop me. Or no... Don't.

It's too early. More later.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004


This has been such an interesting day. After such an interesting evening.

Long story short about last night -- Kinko's quoted me $240 for some copies for this morning's presentation. Took them in at 7:00 pm, they told me to pick them up at 9:00 pm. On my way to pick the copies up, Kinko's calls me to inform me that the estimated incorrectly, it was actually going to be about $900. WTF???????????????????? Again, long story short, after much negotiation, and using my very pleasant disposition and tact, I walked out with my copies, for $240. What were they thinking? Telling me their estimate was off by $700 AFTER the copies were made? Freaks.

Presentation went well this morning, and on my way back to the office I witnessed a man picking flaky boogers out of his nose and plucking his eyebrows AND gray hairs from his head, looking in his visor mirror while stopped at the red light next to me. Freak.

My boss asked me today how I was coping... wearing heels and slacks, leaving the jeans and flip flops at home. Freak.

I hope things get freakier today. I'm liking this.

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Monday, April 19, 2004

Try to get some work done today after clicking this.

This is awesome! It means "going to work" no longer means "abandoning my Old School" when I leave the house.


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Sunday, April 18, 2004

1,2,3, take my hand and come with me because you look so fine that I really wanna make you mine.
4,5,6, c'mon and get your kicks now you don't need money when you look like that, do ya honey?

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More Sunday

My family would be the first to tell you that they fear for my child's life, when I finally get around to having one. I'm not very maternal, or something. But for someone who isn't very maternal, I do dream a lot about having children. I have a lot of dreams that I'm pregnant -- at least twice a month. Sometimes more. But today, the strangest thing happened to me...I saw a little girl who looked exactly like she could be mine. It was strange. She didn't even look like I looked when I was her age, around two or so, she looked like I birthed her. I have no idea how else to explain it. I kept staring at her, I'm sure her parents thought I was a child molester.

One to two days after I have my fingernails/toenails painted, my cat likes to smell them, rub her head on them, and sometimes lick them. What in the world could a cat like about the smell of nail polish? I would chance painting hers for her, so that she can have that sensation really close to home, but I think I might die in the process. And I've got some children to have. So that I'll quit having these dreams.

While having my pedicure yesterday, I was thinking about how much I love a massage. It's almost as wonderful as sleep, in my book. This sent my thinking back to high school, when I was dating Louie. We quickly found that we had this in common -- the love for scratching, rubbing, tickling, massaging, whatever. That sounds sexual. It wasn't. As a matter of fact, while everyone else our age was having sex, we were perfectly content sitting in front of the TV at one of our houses, (most of the time with at least one set of parents) watching movies and just scratching on each other. Like dogs or something. Or monkeys. Drugs? NO! Drinking? NO! Other forms of teenage rebellion? Hell no! We want to sit at home and scratch on each other! You know... Maybe I'm more "maternal" than I thought. I mean, I did most of the scratching. He owes me at least ten hours worth.

I got the car washed and detailed. It looks and smells so nice.

Today, I spent a couple of hours in Tiffany's at the Galleria. I had a credit there, and had no idea how I wanted to spend it. I don't really like most of the jewelry there. There are a few designers who have a few items that I really like, but I've already got them. What I mean is, that's not a store I can go in knowing that I will walk away with something I love. But today was different. I found a ring that I think suits me to a T. (Is that "tee" or just "T", or perhaps "t"? Not sure.) I should get it in about a week. Anyway, my point is, I like it in there. In the store. I like the security guards. With the earpieces. I also like the people-watching opportunities in there. I actually had some other jewelry cleaned there today so that I could stay and keep watching this woman trying on necklaces. When she would look at the necklace on her neck in the mirror, she spent more time flipping her bleached blonde hair with her fingertips or practicing her smile. All of this while her husband stood there, patiently. I've not dated many men who would patiently accompany me to spend a lot of time on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, in a store, in a mall, with a bunch of other women, while I practiced my smiles. Hmph.

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I just made about 50 tuna fish sandwiches for the shelter, and my whole house smells like tuna. I don't think this is a smell that candles and fresh paint can cover, but I'm sure Lily is loving it.

I also spent the earlier part of the morning cleaning out my car. I still had boxes full of paperwork, binders, and other random items from my last company in the very back. I've not been able to use that back area because of this crap. Finally cleaned it out, and am taking my car to have it cleaned here in a few. My car, for some reason, just doesn't fall into those obsessions with cleanliness that I have like my apartment does.

Speaking of my car, I've really got to get some estimates on that side mirror and driver's side door that I mangled up a few weeks ago. I also have a little crack in the windshield that needs to be fixed. I really dread this process. Not only is it going to cost me a few hundred dollars, but there's the inconvenience of not having a car for a few days, etc., etc., etc. Ughh. Maybe the Non-Mangled Car Fairy will visit me this evening.

I'm off to continue with this productivity spell I'm under. Have a great Sunday.

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Saturday, April 17, 2004


Last night, a few friends and I got together for a birthday party for our friend Mary. Turns out, it was also Mike's birthday. Talk about good timing. We spent the evening enjoying good food, good wine, good weather, and good company. It just doesn't get any better than that, especially when all of you share the bond of working together over a very hectic work week. It was a good release, and laughter like that can cure anything -- especially some negative thinking and a tired heart.

Today, I'm going to treat myself to a manicure and pedicure. I've got more plans for the weekend, looking forward to those. I've been spending too much of my free time lately in deep thought and contemplation. There will be none of that this weekend. I'm taking a break. Giving my mind a rest. Unless, of course, I'm tempted into some good thought-provoking conversation... :)

The weather is absolutely gorgeous. A perfect day for a bike ride. I hope Will is enjoying his, and I hope he's safe.

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Friday, April 16, 2004


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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Alright. I've got to quit visiting the iTunes store. The good news is, I got my new laptop yesterday...Which means that now I can at least burn this music to CDs if I feel the whim to do so. This is an addiction. I cannot "just say no".

I wish our president had better grammar.

Going to listen to some live music tonight. Excited about that.

I can't make up my mind. About anything.

I've got a lot of work to do today, but all I can think about is lunch.

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Monday, April 12, 2004

Happy Birthday Samson, Samuel, Samaritan, Sam. There's a lot in store for you this year. I love you very much.

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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Memory Lane

I took a nap today, so I'm not sleepy now like I should be. I have been looking at some old pictures...Some actual photos, or old pictures I've taken and sent with my phone, and pictures people have sent me online. Man. It's amazing how looking at old photos can make you feel. Tonight, this walk down memory lane has caused me to do more thinking than I thought was possible after the long thinking episodes from this weekend. Lots of feeling. Some laughter, some sadness, some good reflection.

Some of the random thoughts that are running through my head as I look at these old pictures...

My niece and nephew really filled a void in my life when they were born, they mean so much to me.
Can a trip be so wonderful and so awful at the same time? What a rollercoaster.
Spending time with him is always an adventure.
I can read my mother, brother, and sister...I know exactly what they're thinking by looking at their eyes in a photograph.
I'm so glad I got that camera phone when I did.
No one has ever made me feel the way he did. I wonder if he knows that? I wonder if that can happen twice in a lifetime?
I love it when he smiles like that. I wish I had seen more of those.
Children are beautiful and perfect, especially when they're happy.
I remember exactly how I felt that morning, I don't like closure.
Comfort. Love. Trust. Forever. That's what I see.
I remember exactly what he said that night...I'll never forget it.
Why? Why??
That picture is borderline inappropriate.
Hmmmm..... :)
I respect him more than he will ever know.
What a wonderful friend I've found in her.
I miss my dad. I need him.
and of course... Those were the good old days.

I used to be so good at looking at periods of my life just like that -- periods of my life, with a starting point, and an ending point. A beginning, everything in the middle, and an end. And the "end" part was never difficult for me. I accepted it for what it was.

Looking at all these pictures has made me think about the past year or so, and how I've had a more difficult time with that "end" part. I guess I should clarify, I've got no "ends" with my family. That's constant. I've seen a friend or two come and go, but that roster is pretty regular and predictable. I guess I mean romantic relationships. For the past, really, three years, I've not ended a relationship where there was any anger or disgust or loss of respect. They've just fizzled for one reason or another. This is a good thing, on the surface. But mostly, I think it's better to end things when you're glad to be rid of someone. Otherwise you miss that person a whole bunch.

I'm happy to have all of these pictures and the memories they hold for me. My sister is a great photographer. My friend Jonathan has a gift for capturing a moment. I'm awful at both, but I like the way some of my pictures look when I've taken them -- the look of the person looking back at me. Memories can be found in so many places -- songs, smells, and places, but nothing captures the moment like a photograph.

Everyone, in each of these photos, has meant or does mean something or everything to me. Even when I don't like the end, even when I'm not happy with the closure, I'm thankful. But I'm most thankful for those people in my life who are constant, who are always there no matter what I do or say or feel or believe. They are my center, my grace. I have a wonderful life.

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HELL yeah.

Way to go, Phil.

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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Girl You Give Me Good Feeeeelings, I've Been Sanctified...

I love the first four notes of "Let's Get it On" by Marvin Gaye. Those four notes can bring me out of a funk. Worked this morning, that's for sure. (It should be noted that the title above is a line from this song, I'm not a lesbian, nor am I bi-curious or getting any good feelings from "Girl".)

Yesterday, I played a round of golf with Jonny Skaines. We had so much fun, laughing at ourselves mostly. He took some video of the day which is absolutely hilarious. A really nice shot of me shanking a ball off a tree three feet away from where I was standing, almost injuring myself for life. We quit keeping score on the back nine, it was so awful. We even took some time to shoot a short film for Scott, for all the shit he gave Jonathan last year for being "The Ball Hunter". People probably thought we were crazy, but we didn't care, laughing uncontrollably and goofing around. I had some good shots, though, for my first day out. There will be more golf this year than last year. I love being outside, enjoying the weather and good times. Thanks for dragging me out to play yesterday, JS.

This morning, I've been very productive. I've got the laundry on, Marvin Gaye serenading my cleaning extravaganza. That man needs some sexual healing, I tell you. And I love it when he sings that to me. Makes me dance around while Lily snaps at my heels.

My weekend plans seem to have changed considerably. It is what it needs to be.

"Women's Intuition". You have to trust it. I "get a feeling" about things all the time. I could be psychic, and really, I will be, once I make the decision to "tap into it" like they say you can on TV. It doesn't always feel good; sometimes it feels wonderful, feels so good it goes all over you. But you have to go with what you KNOW to be true. You may never know what someone else wants or thinks or feels, but you can be 100% sure about what feels good to you, what you feel, or what you know to be true. THAT's where you put your money.

So there's your Saturday Study on Women's Intuition... Next week, we'll discover together the meaning of life.

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Friday, April 09, 2004

What a Good Friday

My mom and I took my sister to have her vision correction surgery today. That went well. The doctor who told me two years ago that I'm not a candidate for the surgery was there. He told me to come back in, there have been "a lot of advancements" or something. So, of course I made an appointment.

This afternoon, I'm going to play golf for the first time since, I think, October. Should be very interesting. Should turn out to be a very frustrating afternoon. But the weather is beautiful, it's a perfect day for golf, and I've been dying to go.

A nice short visit with my mom and sister. Wish they could have stayed in town longer.

A bird flew into my house.

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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

be blessed

i like sitting on the porch
she likes playing in the rain
it showers for hours
and we stay the same

i'm a see-saw man
she's jumping out of swings
she's always pacing and racing
i'm steady strumming these six strings

be blessed with what it brings
be blessed...with what the day will bring
be blessed...with what the day will bring
be blessed....with what the day won't....

i like swimming under water
she likes soaking up the sun
i'm choking....she's floating
on air we both run

she likes to party
i like hiding in my cave
she invites everyone
i'd much rather stay

be blessed with what it brings
be blessed...with what the day will bring
be blessed...with what the day will bring
be blessed....with what the day won't....

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Whooo whoooo!

This is pretty funny. Watch it first.

Next, go here and add music to his one-liners. Click on "Toggle Music", then choose any of the buttons below it.

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Swing My Way, Baby.

I always forget about this song and how much I love it. Going through some old CDs today.
Sting's "Ghost Story", one of my favorites, lyrically. Plus, he's still Number One. ;)

I watch the Western sky
The sun is sinking
The geese are flying south
It sets me thinking
I did not miss you much
I did not suffer
What did not kill me
Just made me tougher

I feel the winter come
His icy sinews
Now in the fire light
The case continues
Another night in court
The same old trial
The same old questions asked
The same denial

The shadows close me round
Like jury members
I look for answers in
The fire's embers
Why was I missing then
That whole December
I give my usual line:
I don't remember

Another winter comes
His icy fingers creep
Into these bones of mine
These memories never sleep
And all these differences
A cloak I borrow
We kept our distances
Why should it follow
I must have loved you

What is the force that binds the stars
I wore this mask to hide my scars
What is the power that pulls the tide
I never could find a place to hide
What moves the Earth around the sun
What could I do but run and run and run
Afraid to love, afraid to fail
A mast without a sail

The moon's a fingernail
And slowly sinking
Another day begins
And now I'm thinking
That this indifference
Was my invention
When everything I did
Sought your attention

You were my compass star
You were my measure
You were a pirate's map
A buried treasure
If this was all correct
The last thing I'd expect
The prosecution rests
It's time that I confess:
I must have loved you.

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Heh, heh.
And it all comes full circle.
It might make you go blind, if you look at it for too long.
Just trying to help.

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Monday, April 05, 2004

As my friend April would say, "I love a weekend."

Is it the fact that last week was such a shit week that makes this weekend seem so nice? I don't know. It's like being hungry, or starving, and then sitting down to a big meal of french fries, avocados, toast, and crab legs. Alright, so it's really nothing like that. I just wanted to put my four favorite foods into this paragraph. You know, because I can.

Friday, I came home and crashed. I passed out on the couch as soon as my body hit it. A phone call from a friend woke me up, wanting some Happy Hour. I just couldn't do it. But per his suggestion, a long bath did the trick, and I was ready to go have some fun. A few beers later, I was smiling, and the old "I Love Life" Lauri was back and loving it. I especially loved the part where Dallas Chick, in the bathroom stall next to me at the club, started talking to me -- which is a no-no -- and then proceeded to release some gas. Loud. Big ones. Twice. And acted like nothing had happened! Now, I know that most of you feel this IS normal, but this consumed my thoughts for the rest of (well, most of the rest of) my evening. And having to look at her in her cute little dress and big boobs and non-stop drunken flirting all night... well, it made me laugh a little. Despite the fact that she broke The Bathroom Rules, she entertained me.

That was gross. I know. I'm sorry. Now get over it.

Saturday morning, coffee with the aforementioned friend and a trip to the SPCA. (I really love the word "aforementioned", as I know I've said before.) So basically, I want to open my own big animal shelter. So that I can have all those dogs for myself. Me, me, me, me, me. All mine. Okay, so I want to live on a bunch of land where all the homeless dogs can come to live. They'd have to understand that it would be true communal living and that each of them would have to be responsible for their own little piece of "keeping up the farm". Okay, this fantasy has just crossed the line a bit.

I hate stirring coffee with those little flimsy plastic straw-like coffee stirrers. Coffee is supposed to be stirred with a spoon.

I spent the rest of Saturday cleaning. I got a lot done, but there's still so much to do. So many checkboxes on my list that are hungry, aching for a little check. I'll get to them, in my own time. But I'd just like someone to acknowledge what a machine I was this weekend with getting all my chores done. Where the hell is my allowance? Dinner and basketball at my place to wrap up the evening.

Sunday was a beautiful day. (Side note, the weather people in this town really are idiots. There was no rain. There was only sunshine and the perfect amount of wind. Why didn't they SAY, "There will be beautiful sunshine and the best breezes all weekend!"? Idiots.) So I refueled my estrogen tank with some girl time. Girlfriends and family came together for facials and makeovers. This is strangely something I would normally never do, or more specifically, organize. But I won this little drawing. And it was fun, fun, fun. Fun x 3.

Now. Sigh. Monday.
Here we go.

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Friday, April 02, 2004

It's Friday.

That's really all I can think about. Getting through today... I thought it would never arrive. I have a lot to do at work today before they let me leave. But I'm very excited about this weekend. So I will start my countdown now.

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Thursday, April 01, 2004


I did my taxes. I'm getting $53 back. What on earth am I going to do with this money? If only I'd made plans, it wouldn't be weighing so heavy on me. Maybe I'll take a trip. Maybe I'll use it as a downpayment on a car or a home. I just don't know.

I got my hair cut last night. I'm taking layers out for a spin. I just can't seem to get it to look like it did when I left the salon. I swear they've got special brushes, secret water, and all kinds of products you can't find or buy anywhere that they use on your hair at the salon. They want you to keep coming back to them, because what they do to you looks so good... it's like a drug. Well, not really. I don't let them use any products on my hair, for the most part, and I only get my hair cut about once a year, so I've not yet fallen into their little web. I tell you where they really get you -- those highlights. You've GOT to keep coming back for those. And they lie when they say it's not damaging to your hair. Lies!

I got my car inspected yesterday during lunch. If you've ever driven a car that is a real piece, then you know the nervous feeling you get when you take your car to get it inspected. Will it pass? Will they let me have it back? Will they tell me that I have to buy $350 worth of shit in order for it to pass? Will they take it out into an open field somewhere, pour gasoline all over it, and set it on fire??? It's been a while since these were viable responses to taking my car in for inspection. But the fear still haunts me once a year.

I called my apartment office to tell them I'm staying a bit longer. My lease was up yesterday, and I've still not signed the new one. I've been putting off going in to renew my lease because there's such a big part of me (not my ass) that doesn't want to. That part of me that wants to run, run, run, like the Gump. But it's not time. Not yet. They're going to let me come in this weekend to sign the lease. Talk about procrastination.

The rest of this week and the weekend are devoted to more productivity. I've got an apartment that is aching to be cleaned, laundry that needs to be done, errands that need to be run, and other random stuff that's been piling up around me, screaming for my attention. I've been in a funk. It's time to break these chains of funkness.

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